Griff is our resident lighting whizz but he is more widely known by … ‘G-Dog’, ‘The Griff’ or ‘Griffinator’, (ok the last one was a little bit of a fib but we’re determined to make it stick!). Griff is an Advisory Executive.  That's another way to say he fixes talent problems. He's very good at it too.

Before joining The Smarty Train, Griff graduated from Lancaster University with a first-class degree in Music and History, and he still geeks out on his semi-secret passion of reading history books. During his time at university, Griff discovered the world of events organisation, working on anything from gigs to parties and everything in between. His particular highlight was conjuring up some AV wizardry as a sound and lighting technician where he repeatedly got rather excited about installing massive PA systems and dramatic lighting kit. He’s rigged everything from musical events to theatrical pieces, adding his AV magic across the board and directing some epic arrangements.

In an average week, Griff can be found knee deep in data, designing training sessions and immersive events, discovering new and exciting scientific research and creating bespoke music tracks (that's after 17.30). He’s also a bit of a behavioural economics geek.

Strange, but true...

Griff has just finished building his very own guitar from scratch, taking wood, strings and all the electric bits and bobs that go with it to make his very own musical masterpiece. It’s looking pretty. (Ok, we’ll give it a rest!)