When Jen was little, her dream was to be a musical theatre or pop star. Sadly lacking the talent (but not the enthusiasm), she turned to her natural strengths; psychology and positivity. Although it’s fair to say the West End and Top of the Pops dream will never die.

With a degree in happiness (no, she really has one) Jen aims to help everyone she meets (and trains) squeeze the most possible joy, challenge and meaning from their lives. Which we think is rather lovely.

Although having been a professional facilitator and coach for over seven years, Jen would argue she actually began coaching in the playground. Or at school sports days, where she would be frequently seen jumping up and down, clapping wildly and screaming positive words of encouragement from the finish line.

Jen holds some geeky, yet impressive qualifications: an MA (Cantab.) in Psychology, and an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (that’s the Happiness degree we told you about). She is also an approved practitioner of MBTI, Strengths and Transactional Analysis. All of her studies have not stopped her being true to her roots though - she firmly believes that ‘Glee’ is the happiest show on TV. You may well disagree, but we’d recommend not to do so when Jen’s around. You wouldn’t want to make a Happiness Coach unhappy.

Jen still flirts with stardom (or desperately grasps for it), as she is a regular ‘seat filler’ at the BAFTAs. In her illustrious seat filling career, she has sat next to Brad Pitt, Joaquin Pheonix and George Clooney. Now that’s happiness.

Strange but true:

At the age of 15, Jen went to Chemistry Camp (yes, Chemistry Camp) where she learnt to make hydrogen-powered rockets and glow in the dark chemicals. And she memorised the periodic table. Yes that’s right, she’s that cool.