Maeve is a graduate from University College London, where she studied law. Although garnering legal knowledge and honing in on her analytical skills, she also found she was a great creative thinker. Whilst at UCL, she got involved in different societies such as the African Caribbean Society and the UCL MODO Fashion society.

As Events Officer of the African Caribbean Society, she was able to plan several events for the new and existing members. One of which showcased internal and external African Diaspora talents. Her role within the society not only involved planning events but creating promotional content and monitoring social media channels.

Eager to develop her creative skills, Maeve built a blog to express her interest in fashion and share relatable content. She subsequently taught herself how to use software such as Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X and gained and keen interest in digital marketing and content creation.

As the Digital Assistant at The Smarty Train, Maeve’s focus is on supporting the creative design process, enhancing our social media strategy and producing video content for both clients and us.

Strange but true…

Maeve was once the part-owner of a crab that she and her cousins found on a beach and now does not eat crab or lobster.