Olivia is a Training & Experiences Intern, with interests in audio-visual work, copy-writing and events management.

Day to day, they work with the T&E team on out of the box, creative approaches to everything from client gifts to product demonstrations, while also working with more on the ground event planning.

As a person, Olivia is a multidisciplinary creative that probably needs to give one of their crafts a rest – they make films, they produce music, they DJ, draw and have been known to dabble in animation. In addition, they’ve a deep interest in countercultures, their sociological stories and their relation to the formation of mainstream culture and the arts. This has come from being part of a variety of communities through life, across race, nationality, gender expression and socioeconomic background.

Through a love of arts and engagement with people, they have become involved in events management, marketing, and have grown curious about the process of explaining something seemingly complicated or foreign to a completely new audience – a science common in learning.

As an Intern at TST, Olivia serves fierceness, eccentricity, and a hint of shade.

Strange but true…

Despite almost solely DJ-ing at clubs and playing high-energy genres like Grime, Bass and Hip-Hop, Olivia’s favourite radio station is Smooth FM, and they really really enjoy the Bee Gees.