As Growth & Innovation Executive, Rohan plays a big part in shaping and developing our product suite as well as engaging in business development to help support our growth.

Rohan is passionate about human behaviour, what makes people tick and helping individuals and organisations to realise their potential. Having graduated in 2013 with a BA in English and American Studies from the University of Nottingham, he ventured into the world of psychological consulting where he has partnered with companies to help them to accurately predict the future performance of prospective hires and develop their existing employees using science.

He spent eight months in California, New York, Chicago and Boston delivering projects before returning to the UK to head up a ground-breaking L&D project with Reading Football Club. The aim of this was to help coaches to ‘see the unseen’ (understand players’ values, motivations and behaviours), maximise player potential, and equip players with the self-awareness and tools to be in charge of their own destiny.

Rohan is a lover of sport and travel – as well as his stint in the US, he has visited different corners of the globe and was lucky enough to spend a year abroad at The University of Calgary, Canada (sadly, didn’t form a Cool Runnings-esque bobsled team).

Strange but true…

Rohan’s record for ‘keepy uppies’ with a football is 527. He maintains that he isn’t a loser and does have friends.