Vish (or Vishal when he’s being told off!), is Head of Operations at The Smarty Train. He is responsible for the smooth operating of our ship, from maintaining in-house technology to recruitment and onboarding of our own people. With a passion for events, he’s also involved with event management and logistics for our global and more complex client events.

Back in 2009, whilst studying Accounting Principles and identifying solutions to the economic crisis during his BSc Accounting & Finance at LSE, Vish became TST’s first intern. Around attending lectures and balancing his balance sheets, he spent his time sourcing weird and wonderful items for our training sessions, including planks of wood and tree bark!

Having graduated, Vish spent two years working for Accenture. During this time, Vish helped telecommunications companies by deploying Windows 7 and fixing their Oracle-based Siebel CRM systems. He loves to tell us about it.

Outside of TST, Vish is a little accident prone, with over 15 visits to various hospitals. In fact, Vish has become an expert on A&E injuries and treatments: he’s fallen off a moped, fallen UP a flight of stairs, had a bee stuck in his ear and head-butted a plank of wood in a game of garden cricket (which we had nothing to do with, we promise!).

Strange, but true...

Between injuries outside of work, Vish attends a local boxing club, where he is known by the other boxers as “Laces”, because his laces magically untie themselves during training.