Christian is Head of Delivery at The Smarty Train.  He supports clients to answer pressing questions around ‘unlocking’ their talent, and is passionate about Talent strategy. He recently presented to leaders of the European Union.

Christian graduated in 2011 with a BA in International Politics and Economics from Middlebury College in the US. Quite the globe-trotter, Christian has lived in Denmark, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Mexico (out of breath yet?), China, the US and Hong Kong. Oh and England.

As you might imagine from his impressive travel catalogue, Christian is multi-lingual; fluent in Danish, Spanish and English, as well as having a strikingly good grasp of Mandarin. He even taught us how to say 'The Smarty Train' in Chinese - in case you’re wondering it’s 'congming de huo che' (聪明的火车).

Christian has a not-so-secret nerdy side, which working as a Research Assistant in the Political Science Department at Middlebury helped him unleash. There he wrote with a professor on the evolution of authoritarian governance and the power of civil society. Feel free to read that sentence again if (like us) you got stuck halfway through. Christian also spent a year working as a teacher in Hong Kong where he learned the meaning of patience, quick-thinking and grammar. And even a bit of Cantonese.

As a fully paid-up member of Smarty Train Book Club, Christian has a near-insatiable appetite for non-fiction, with topics ranging from chaos theory, behavioural psychology and statistical prediction, to global politics and economics. He reads The Economist religiously, and has an interminable list of fiction he’s been meaning to get to. He also has an incredible knowledge of American TV serials.

Strange but true…

Despite his love of books, research and analysis, Christian has a flair for adrenaline – he has run with bulls in Spain not once but several times. So you could say, he really took the bull by the horns. Oh dear.