Colette (one L and two Ts), is fondly referred to in our team by a number of different names. The Queen of Calm; the Princess of Serene; the Duchess of Cool as a Cucumber. OK, so one of those might be a lie.

Colette is a power-organiser and the personification of efficiency. She’s also partial to a bit of sun worshipping, which we suspect may have come from spending a year in the Andalusian sun as part of her History with Modern Languages degree back at university.

Colette’s life before TST involved assisting on a wide range of events, from external university engagement events, smooth running of foreign dignitary visits and a Latin American theatre festival, to name just a few.

After university, Colette worked on a variety of events with a cultural charity and a mobile advertising network, where she ‘got her geek on’ with a number of high-tech events exploring the power of mobile in the early days of intelligent programmatic engagement. During this time, Colette managed events in the UK, France and even the Ukraine. Colette’s our engagement guru who likes to take on a challenge – and in 2014 she started a new adventure when she joined The Smarty Train.

At The Smarty Train, Colette looks after client experience, ensuring our creative solutions are fit for purpose and making strategic impact. Colette is involved in everything from strategic thinking for our clients, to overseeing creative event concepting, design and delivery. She’s passionate about keeping people engaged; from multi-channel talent attraction to strategic programme design. In fact, the things she most loves is marrying up a strong attraction campaign message to the realities of the business, all the way from graduate and apprentices, to exec level talent. She’s worked on senior engagement events in Amsterdam to attraction campaigns in Bristol, bringing her cool head and strategic brain to every challenge.

Colette brings her can-do attitude to every challenge, so much so that when she recently moved house, we got her a key-ring with her unofficial motto… ‘there is always a way’. No, seriously, we did.

Strange but true…

Colette once represented her borough in netball at the London Youth Olympic Games. Slam dunk! Oh wait, wrong sport