David is Senior Delivery Manager at The Smarty Train helping clients to unlock their talent. He is passionate about inspiring people to push themselves and achieve their potential.

David graduated with an MA in Linguistics from The University of Edinburgh, with a focus on how the evolution of memory unlocked the potential for language in our human ancestors. He loves reading about new ways of communicating ideas to different audiences, and practising them too. David spent a lot of time at university performing live comedy all over the country, and after graduating he wrote and performed three one-man shows, starred in a sitcom on Netflix, made noises in various programmes on Radio 4, and danced about for ten weeks in a comedy musical about Houdini at Soho Theatre.

David ensures that every piece of work that leaves The Smarty Train meets our high standards for both clear communication and envelope-pushing creativity, and has a history of working in many creative disciplines. His short film ‘Regular’, which he wrote, directed, and scored, was broadcast on Channel 4, and his debut play ‘Siren’ had productions in Edinburgh and London.

David loves helping people take risks and discover talents they didn’t know they had. He is still a trainer and teaches improv regularly at The Free Association theatre in London, where he also improvises on stage as part of ‘The Cartel’. He thinks everyone should learn improv, it’s even how he met his wife. David also coaches various performance and presentation skills, and loves seeing people go from zero to one. After teaching and coaching hundreds of students from all walks of life, he believes that fear is the greatest obstacle to success and creativity.

David ran the London marathon (then ate a whole Sunday roast, sticky toffee pudding, and a large Domino’s pizza) in 2016, and when he was younger he cycled all the way from St. Petersburg to London.

Strange but true…

If you’re looking for someone to officiate your wedding, look no further. It will have to be in New York though, as that’s where David is registered with the City Clerk’s Office as an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.