Frankie brings her experience in creating and managing a popular interactive mobile game to The Smarty Train as a Design Manager.

Frankie studied English and Creative Writing at London South Bank University. It was there that a lecturer encouraged her to apply to a mobile games company as a writer. Fast forward a few years on and Frankie graduated with a First Class degree and became Lead Narrative Designer of the company's flagship narrative game. She managed a large team of writers and together they created stories that were adored by millions of players across the world.

She has spoken at multiple panels for the Writers' Guild of Great Britain and she also helps actors who wish to get into the gaming industry by writing their voice script reels. She has also volunteered as an English tutor, a SMcout leader, and as a reviewer of unsolicited and solicited scripts at a famous London theatre. Her involvement within the games industry and obsession with words and narrative has helped her develop the skills needed to create engaging experiences.

In between all that she loves travelling, attempting to skateboard, and shopping in charity shops.

Strange but true…

At a university open day Frankie won an iPad by wiggling her eyebrows, ears, and touching her nose with her tongue.