Hayley provides a combined strategic and operational view of people related challenges that businesses encounter when undertaking organisation and cultural change. She has led a variety of specialised global teams in-house as well as advising businesses on a range of complex people issues.

Prior to launching OrangeBook HR, Hayley was a key member of The Walt Disney Company’s Global Talent Board and led a Performance & Talent Management team for the company’s International Markets, where she was responsible for creating and implementing their leadership and organisational philosophy to deliver a diverse and inclusive people performance strategy across forty-five countries to enhance employee experience, recognising culture differences and strengths whilst delivering bottom line growth. Hayley has a curiosity and focus on how to bring out the best skill and capability in people, making good connections within the business context and recognising the unique contributions that diversity brings to the success of teams and organisations.

Most recently she has worked with senior (c-suite) leadership across a diverse range of industries including an African telecoms company, a global automotive company and global drinks organisation, coaching leadership to develop and implement relevant HR policies to support strategic growth.

Prior to joining Disney in 2008, Hayley worked across a number of industries as a Human Resources & Organisational Development specialist, working with global brands including Ernst & Young, Marakon and Booz.Allen, helping to create a culture of employee engagement both internally and with external clients.

She has studied at Birmingham Polytechnic, University of Westminster and the British Psychological Society

Strange but true…

Hayley was ordained in 2019 and divides her time between her Parish in South London and corporate work. When time allows, she can be found either drinking coffee in her favourite coffee shop or running round a netball court playing, coaching or umpiring!