As a Design Analyst, Kelly loves to use science and data to create narratives which support learning. Her creative background in photography and learning design have equipped her to produce immersive, multi-sensory experiences which create lasting impact for participants and organisations.

Before joining TST, Kelly was a Learning Designer with a digital consultancy. Her role involved facilitating workshops with global clients, designing e-learning courses in their entirety, and translating content into a plethora of languages to reach thousands, worldwide. Kelly is also a freelance writer and photographer, exploring everything from travel and the arts through to phenomenology, the study of experiences that we get from the senses.

Strange but true…

Kelly loves all things creative and her home is filled with artwork from independent businesses. Her favourite is ‘Ugly Cat’, a piece that was gifted by a kind gentleman in Covent Garden. Apparently, he had painted the cat 10 years prior but unfortunately no one had purchased a single print. ‘Ugly Cat’ now sits proudly on her windowsill.