Lee is magic. No really, he actually is magic!

Lee is one of the world’s foremost magicians and psychological illusionists. Sound cool? We’re just getting started.

Described as ‘The Derren Brown of the business world’, Lee specialises in ‘corporate persuasion’ – helping people create clear, precise messages to enhance their personal and professional impact. And he makes spoons bend.

His coaching and training work has been described as ‘insightful and inspirational’ by IBM and ‘essential for anyone interested in networking, selling or presenting’ by AXA PPP. So not only can he read your mind, but he can teach you how to read someone else’s. Neat eh?

As a performer, he has worked all over the world, and performed for almost any major company you could name, including Microsoft, Coca Cola and Louis Vuitton. His presentations, coaching sessions and seminars are always full of business value and entertainment, and speaking from our experience, they are always memorable. You have to see it to believe it. Unless he’s made you disappear that is, in which case, you’d have to ask a friend how it went.

Strange, but true...

Lee was described as ‘simply amazing’ by Prince William, he’s written sell-out theatre shows for the Almeida and Aldeburgh festivals, and he’s a commissioned artist at The Royal Opera House. He’s fluent in Spanish, and a terrible pianist.