Pradeep has over a decade’s experience as a trainer in communication and leadership skills and is also a trained actor.

Pradeep is passionate about how different people and personalities communicate. Now, he empowers people to think about situations and behaviour differently, creating more inclusive working environments and increasing emotional intelligence at all levels of an organisation.

Outside the training room, Pradeep is the Co-Artistic Director of theatre company, A Monkey with Cymbals; is Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Space, an Arts Centre in East London; and an Associate Director for Arc Theatre, a theatre company dedicated to creating social change.

Pradeep believes practical training is one of the best ways to increase the repertoire of options to deal with any situation. His work isn’t about sticking to one “best way to communicate” formula; it’s about giving early talent a variety of tools so they can pick the best one to suit the message, person and situation. Pradeep’s specialisms include Management skills, Personal Impact, Assertiveness, and Influencing skills.

Pradeep has worked with global clients from global investment banks to consulting firms and various UK government departments.

Strange, but true...

A rather large image of Pradeep in a stripey jumper and a beret once featured in Times Square.