The former creative director of an award-winning consumer PR agency, Reuben has been coaching for over 10 years whilst remaining an active brand and communications consultant for various media and marketing agencies.

Back when he was doing PR for a living (a long time ago!), his various claims to fame included launching ASOS and the mobile phone network 3 in the UK as well as launching the latest England football kit to the global media every year with Alan Shearer, Michael Owen and some young lad with a decent right foot called Beckham. Whatever became of him?

Reuben spends a lot of time helping individuals create and deliver more compelling, engaging presentations at large events across Europe. He works with clients who have fascinating things to say so he gets to learn cool stuff on a daily basis.

Due to his marketing / PR background, his particular areas of expertise are around personal brand, creative facilitation and presentation skills – how you can manage the impact you have on the world around you is of real interest to him.

Between 1998 and 2003 he was also assistant coach and manager of England Blind Football team, attending 2 World Cups and 3 European Championships.

Strange, but true...

No-one who meets him is shocked to discover that he is also a keen am-drammer. As well as performing at the Edinburgh Festival in his student days, he is a member of a theatre group in Cambridgeshire.