Simon’s passion for people development started when he first managed a team during his career in corporate procurement. This led him to deliver training, where he has the pleasure of training tens of thousands of people across four continents from some of the world’s leading companies - from retail to travel, consultancy to the automotive industry.

In addition to helping people reach peak performance, Simon has a flair for influencing and negotiation in all its forms, following his early career undertaking numerous multi-million pound negotiations as a buyer. He particularly enjoys looking at the psychology behind what makes people say ‘yes’, and why they often get told ‘no’!

One of Simon’s pet hates is ‘Death by PowerPoint’, so he ensures every one of the workshops he runs are as engaging and lively as possible.

Strange, but true...

Simon used to be very fast – at 16 he represented Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire at the 100m (and promptly lost to someone who was representing England at both Athletics and Rugby - show-off!)