Sita is The Smarty Train’s Project Manager, and works in partnership with client project teams to co-ordinate our projects, from inception to delivery. She manages stakeholders, communicates risks and issues and manages timelines and budgets. Sita can be a little obsessive when it comes to organisation, she is someone who schedules time in her to-do list to update her to-do list. It’s worth noting that she’s admitted to organising colleagues’ desks without them knowing.

Before The Smarty Train, Sita worked at the Commonwealth Secretariat, Youth Division. Her role involved working with Commonwealth member governments, youth leaders and youth professionals on the development and implementation of policy and programmes for the empowerment of young people in developing markets. Sita graduated from Brunel University where she studied Social Anthropology (BSc) and Children, Youth and International Development (MA).

Sita is a strong team player, and enjoys working with her team to provide the support they require, whether it's brainstorming new ideas or tackling potential challenges together - to ensure results are achieved, and go beyond the client’s expectations.

In her spare time, Sita loves travelling, trying new foods and reading fantasy novels. You can often find Sita singing along to whatever tune is playing. She’ll even make up the words to songs she doesn’t even know… and will continue to sing them like that, even when she learns the correct words – consistency is key for Sita!

Strange, but true…

Sita once jumped out of a two-storey building and landed without hurting herself.