Susie has won the TST Award for chattiest and funniest member of staff. She loves people and developing them, so much so that she is our very own internal Development Champion. She is known for her caring nature and has even roped us all into weekly Acts of Kindness as part of our meetings, making us even tighter knit than we were before!

Susie is passionate about learning and has designed and delivered training across Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe, within a range of settings from large corporate conferences, to UK prisons and remote Chinese classrooms. She holds a BSc (Econ) in Sociology and Criminology from Cardiff University and has worked across public, charity and corporate sectors.

At The Smarty Train, Susie manages learning and development across the business, working in partnership with client teams to ensure alignment of business objectives and learner needs, and to deliver results in an engaging way.

Susie loves anything that involves moving; sweating it out at the gym, long country walks and swimming in the sea. She loves to travel, recently cycling in Sri Lanka and scuba diving in Indonesia. She is also a folk music super fan.

Strange, but true...

Susie spent a whopping three years living on a remote Scottish island with a population of 220. As a result, additional skills listed on her CV include lambing, calving and hay bailing.