As a Training & Experiences Design Manager at The Smarty Train, Suzanne combines her creative ideas and a strong understanding of our clients to design immersive experiences for them.

Before TST Suzanne recruited librarians, archivists and researchers across the UK for everyone from small charities to global investment banks. Visiting clients in incredible buildings made it feel like a very long Open House weekend. She particularly enjoyed exploring employability skills with people at all stages of their careers, encouraging and empowering them to unlock their skills and potential.

Suzanne studied music at Surrey University and spent a very warm year abroad in Texas where she learned that the language of music is spoken very differently and people really do say ‘howdy’. Music is her first love and she is fascinated by the energy you get from it, whether listening or performing and by the remarkable effect music has on physical and mental well-being. (She also feels the same about a well-timed West Wing quote.)

Strange but true…

The strangest place Suzanne has played her oboe is on a Derren Brown TV show, as part of an orchestra. She’s sworn to secrecy about the musical magic that occurred.