This one got us excited. We love thinking about the future, what’s predicted and what the implications are for us, and for our clients.

This is certainly an eye-opening book about future trends in working cultures and how to attract top talent.

At the end we realised we’d turned over the corners of 37 pages that were most inspiring to us.

From those 37 pages, here are five of our favourite ‘nuggets’ and statistics:

  1. More video has been uploaded to YouTube in the last two months, than all the footage aired by ABC, CBS and NBS since 1948*

Video is powerful. Developing eye-catching, high impact video will be crucial to attracting the next generation of talent.

  1. ‘Millennials’ (people born between 1977 and 1997) are requesting training and development in “life skills” as well as technical skills from their employers*

This one made us happy. Negotiation, persuasion, financial literacy, writing skills, and health and well-being are all considered life skills. The good news is; we’ve got these covered in our training.

  1. There are now more mobile phones in the world than computers and TVs combined*

We’ve developed a graduate induction to incorporate the interactive use of smart phones and tablets.

  1. 2020 will be about Social Learning for Digital Natives*

Learning should be about sharing. And sharing is by definition, a social act. We loved the following quote, where Millennials are saying “Learning should be just enough, just in time and just for me”. This echoes our values of personalised, tailored, well-timed training for graduates.

  1. The 10 leadership characteristics of a 2020 leader*

You’ll have to read the book to find these out, but we particularly liked: Boundary-less Collaboration, Generationally-Savvy and Cultural Agility. The thought of five generations working alongside each other for the first time in history in 2020, fascinates us. That 2020 leader is out there somewhere… Let us help you attract and then keep them.

*Taken from The 2020 Workplace, Harper Collins Books © 2010.

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