The world of work is in a constant state of flux. Graduates nowadays all belong to Gen Y or Z, meaning they interact with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos pretty much since birth. Today’s (and tomorrows) graduates have never known a world without the internet. Think about that for a second. This means they learn through experience, through interactivity and most importantly through technology.

Our training and events are always designed around delivering an experience; we use different aspects of technology to appeal to the new and preferred learning styles of graduates.

From experience, here are our top ten thoughts on technology in training and events:

1) Make an impact

What if entering your event was like entering a football stadium? Or if the floor lit up as you entered the room? What if CGI animals chased you up the stairs? Technology can help your training experience make an impact. And research shows that if learning is delivered in an impactful way, then it instantly becomes more memorable.

2) App Happy

Graduates expect instantaneous answers. And if they don’t feel like they are receiving them fast enough, they’ll find out the answers themselves. So, why not make it easier? Using tailored apps at events not only combines the technology graduates like to use (and the way they like to access information), but also ensures the messages you want to transmit are delivered in a way that suits you.

3) Grads play games

Technology is fun and everyone loves a game. Games mean teamwork, competition and prizes. Using iPad games, live voting and competitions are just some of the ways you can bring the art of play and gaming into your learning events. You can use games to test learning through team quizzes, or for collaborative fun. Either way, grads like playing games. And learning through play can be very powerful.

4) E-business cards

Networking, socialising, collaborating and sharing online is a way of life for graduates. Still using business cards? Not for long. Nowadays it’s all about social media. By using interactive technology like this one created by the clever people at Poken, graduates have the link they need between their social media and their business lives. And electronic business cards are great at training experiences such as inductions or campus events.

5) Graduates learn using all five senses

Ever written on a giant iPad that covers an entire wall? Or a table that responds to your touch? Giving graduates an 80% active, and 20% passive learning experience through technology often appeals to their sense of touch. Which means a more interactive, visual and memorable experience. Which helps make learning stick.

6) Create a safe social media network

Are graduates learning the key messages of the session? What’s on their mind at that precise moment in time? Give graduates the chance to anonymously tweet or give a status update during your event to find out what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling. Having a private social network at your event creates a real sense of community.

7) Multitasking is now multi-teching

If you see a graduate on a phone, they are probably not only writing a text, but an email too, possibly a blog post, arranging catch ups over twitter and maybe even bidding on something on eBay. Simultaneously. So why should your event be any different? By using interactive technology such as iPad or mobile apps in events, you can give graduates the flexibility to process any information at any time.

8) Graduates love asking questions…

…Which is great, but sometimes they feel they can’t ask the ones they really want the answers too. Using the right kinds of technology, you can encourage graduates to submit questions, comments or start discussions anonymously. This gives everyone a voice, lets them feel included and prevents feelings of embarrassment or awkwardness. So, even if session time runs out, graduates can have their questions answered afterwards, using technology. And a bonus for you -you can see what’s really important to them.

9) Gain better feedback

We all know that feedback on training sessions, events and even presenters, contains the important bits of gold dust that help you to continually improve. We’ve seen that using smartphone technologies for real-time feedback is more effective than using traditional methods. Not only is this preferred by graduates, but it can actually increase the amount of quality feedback you receive after an event.

10) Top tech saves cash

How much paper do you use in your events? Just some of things you may have to consider are handouts, agendas, speaker bios, maps, feedback and registration forms. Now multiply that by the number of training sessions and events you hold per year. That’s a lot of paper. Although technology can require an upfront investment, in the long run, we’ve seen it save significant amounts of money for our clients.

Are you a tech lover?

Yes? Then you’re in good company with us.

No? Then you need us. Top tech in events is one of our specialities.

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