“Creativity is the dance between the known and the unknown, the conscious and the unconscious, the visible and the invisible… Creativity is born of this dance and of this oscillation.” – Dr Nick Udall, University of Surrey

Have you ever had that moment in a meeting where you are expected to produce a new innovative, industry-altering recruitment strategy on the spot? Or that dreaded moment in a brainstorming session when you frantically try to pull a new creative idea out of thin air? Too often when we’re asked to be creative, our minds go blank. But why is having creativity on tap important?

Put yourself in a graduate’s shoes for a moment. You arrive at a careers fair and you’re suddenly faced with a sea of companies all vying for your attention, all desperately trying to stand out from the crowd. As a recruiter, how can you ensure that that graduate talks to you? How can you get noticed by top talent?

By using a more creative approach to your campaigns, you can capture the imaginations of the talent you want to attract, inspire creativity and help position your company as being an employer of choice. Easier said than done huh? We would argue it’s relatively simple to achieve. How? Simple – free your imagination.

Dr Nick Udall believes the key to having creativity on demand is moving between what we know and what is unknown: where we can be fearless. We can unblock our inhibitions and unlock our creativity. And it can all be achieved using five simple steps:   

  1. Insight – Know your stuff: Understand what the problem in your recruitment process is, so you know what you want to achieve;
  2. Incubation – Set aside time: Consider and think about how best to approach the problem (let those creative juices work their magic!);
  3. Saturation – Explore all your options: Explore all the creative solutions to the problem fully. Just because you have one perfect solution, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better one waiting round the corner;
  4. Verification – Check your solution is feasible: Run with an idea to ensure it will actually work in practice. The sky is the limit, but practicalities and testing are important too;
  5. Illumination – Let creativity show you how best to progress: Allow a breadth of creative solutions to guide you through that individual creative journey.

In the busy world of recruitment and development it is crucial that we establish processes to allow us to access our creativity. This has the potential to not only change the way we approach recruitment and development, but also ensure we deliver better performance and innovation. Without mixing things up regularly, we are in danger of failing to create new and exciting opportunities for the talent we seek to retain and run the risk of being a one-trick pony, repeating the same old thing.

If you are able to introduce an ideation process to help you unleash innovation, you can utilise creativity in your recruitment processes to attract the high performers your company needs. Because what business today doesn’t seek to be more innovative? And what is innovation if not the result of creativity?

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By Saj Jetha

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