Back in the nineties, it was all about what you had. What you owned. How much stuff you had. You know what we’re saying: The 4 bed detached house, the Super Nintendo, the latest pair of Nike Air Max. This stuff used to reflect you. To define you.

In 2017, with the rise of the digital landscape that’s dominated by social media, social dialogues and online communication, some have said that it’s no longer about what you have, it’s about what you share. And it’s what you share that defines you.

So how does this apply to you and your job?

Here’s our top ten sharing tips:

1) Share your friends and contacts

Golden rule #1 of networking. Some people get all protective over their contacts. Don’t be like them. Introduce people; connect people; get known for it. And in the end, in the spirit of karma, it will come back to you.

2) Share best practice

Talk to your industry and tell them about the good things you do. But why? We hear you cry. Why would we show our competitors what we’re doing? What if people steal our ideas? Let them. Be proud to be a trendsetter rather than a follower.

3) Share experiences (not products)

A wise man (quite literally; Richard Wiseman in his book :59 seconds) once said that life is about experiences. It’s not about products or material possessions. It’s about experiences. Tell people about yours. Ask people about theirs. Even better, share a new experience with them. Everyone wins.

4) Share feelings

When was the last time you asked your graduates how they’re feeling? How about your interns? How about your team? Empathy is widely regarded to be the most powerful human emotion. And guess what? <whispers> It’s been proven to increase productivity.

5) Share lunch

There’s a great book on being successful called Never Eat Alone (Keith Ferrazzi). We believe in this at The Smarty Train and we practise what we preach. Every month we have a team lunch called “Pot Luck” where everyone has to cook one dish (in a pot) and bring it to work to share. We all sit together, talk together and eat together. Sometimes we have brownies.

6) Share information with stakeholders

How are you communicating about your graduates’ and interns’ successes to your stakeholders? There are lots of ways you can do this. And it doesn’t always have to be when they ask for it. Be proactive and tell them in advance. Tell them your success stories. Tell them you delivered on your goals.

7) Share results

Did you get good results after your induction? Or at year-end? Well done you. Got evidence? Even better. Share it with your 300 line managers and they’re more likely to commit again next year.

8) Share your vision

This can be inspiring stuff. If you can share your vision to your stakeholders, your teams and even your graduates, you’ve got a great chance of bringing them along for the ride. Shared visions quickly become shared goals. And goals mean achievements. And achievements mean prizes.

9) Share your concerns

The old ones are the best: A problem shared is a problem halved. Why bottle up your problems? Pick up the phone and ask someone about it.  Meet for a coffee.  Meet for (our new favourite) a bubble tea. The chances are that there’s someone in your space who can help.

10) Share information about yourself

This is a potentially tricky one, as normally we would say it’s a good idea not to talk too much about yourself at a networking event. But if you can practise the skill of divulging just the right amount of personal information when networking, it leaves people wanting more. And guess what? That leads to more sharing.

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