August 2, 2022

3 Reasons You Should Begin Attraction Before University

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By Majida Begum

As the graduate market becomes increasingly competitive and vacancies far exceed available candidates, many more organisations are unsurprisingly expanding attraction into high school.

Here are three reasons you should consider implementing an attraction campaign aimed at younger students, not just university students or graduates:

1) Upskill the next generation

The pandemic has created crucial skills and knowledge gaps. From learning to work in a hybrid environment to the importance of emotional intelligence, resilience and adaptability in our current times of heightened uncertainty. Students have received less career guidance and work experience than previous cohorts.

And yet, this is a group that values learning more than previous generations. During lockdown, 40% of Gen Z concentrated on learning and development compared to a 29% global average.

How can your attraction campaign upskill young students?

Offer key skills as part of your attraction campaign. Even better: offer skills that are critical for thriving in your organisation. This way, you’re giving young people a flavour of the working culture and learning culture in your organisation.

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2) Build belonging and inclusion

Inclusive organisations are more attractive to candidates, and earlier attraction efforts can boost diversity and inclusion amongst your cohort. How? Starting your attraction efforts earlier enables you to reach a wider range of people and diversify your future intake. Reaching students before university is also a prime time to mitigate imposter syndrome, low confidence and lack of belonging with students from diverse backgrounds and lower socioeconomic groups.

How can your attraction campaign build belonging and inclusion among young students?

Offer time with senior leaders across the business and provide students with role models, guidance, and networking opportunities. People from marginalised backgrounds may have less insight into the world of work, less cultural capital, and a smaller network—only 50% of people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are confident about their career ambitions.

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3) Forge lifelong connections

Is your organisation an upskilling pioneer? An inclusivity powerhouse? A development dynamo? Whichever or whoever you are, your attraction experience should be designed to be an unforgettable moment in a young person’s career journey. Whether they join you now or not, they should always remember you. And if they remember you and who you are, they may well join you later in their career.

Including younger students in your attraction programme can develop a lifelong brand affinity.

How can your attraction campaign forge lifelong connections?

Don’t design an attraction campaign solely for the young graduate, intern, or apprentice you want now. Instead, design it with the people you want returning later in their careers, and the long-term brand perception you want to build.

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