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Does Your Induction Pass The Test?

This on-demand webinar outlines 5 essential induction tips that will help your inductions inspire, equip and accelerate your new talent, drawing upon cutting-edge behavioural science, human-centered design trends and our award-winning work.

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Make Your Culture Shine

Our top 3 tips for showcasing your company culture in a way that informs your new hires who you are, what you stand for, and why they should stay.

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Make Your Induction Legacy One of Learning

Are your new joiners learning the right things at the right time? Skills are an integral part of making your new hire successful, and your induction is a critical time to embed the key skills for success in your organisation.

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How to Design a Human-Centered Induction

When you're able to anticipate what questions your new joiners will be asking, you can better design a frictionless induction that allows them to focus on what really matters. Here's how.

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How Spoilers Can Transform Your Induction

Humans enjoy an experience more if we know the ending and the twists along the way, according to scientific research. Read why is Covid making this more important than ever, and what this could mean for your induction design.

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Why Moments Matter in Your Induction

Moments make the difference between ‘that thing I did once’ and the experiences we never forget. Here are three science-backed tips to help you include powerful moments in your induction design.

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