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Creating A Market-Leading Induction

of organisations don't onboard well
of people leave a company in their first 90 days
average cost of replacing someone

Is your induction ready for what’s next?

After over a year of lockdowns and uncertainty, economies and sectors are opening up again, labour markets are rebounding, and job listings are surging. But hiring strong talent is just the start of the journey.

Inductions are the critical period when your new joiners are testing and evaluating you as an employer. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.



  • Does Your Induction Pass the Test?

    Our tried-and-tested secrets for powerful, high-impact induction experiences.

  • Welcome to Your Induction:

    Over 50 actionable elements to make your induction one that your new joiners will never forget.

  • Accelerated Inductions & Onboarding:

    Examples of our award-winning work with pioneering global brands.



the authors

Khairunnisa Mohamedali

An award-winning innovator, Khairunnisa has a unique take on organisational culture, innovation and human-centred design. Khairunnisa is The Smarty Train’s Chief Innovation Officer and works cross-sector.


Saj Jetha

An economist, author and founder of The Smarty Train, Saj is adept in finding resolutions for issues to do with recruitment, talent and development. His book, The Smarts (Penguin, 2019), was endorsed by Harvard’s Heidi Gardner and is a best-seller.


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