September 3, 2021

How Spoilers Can Transform Your Induction

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By Eileen Seissen

Inductions matter. As we’ve written previously, 88% of organisations don’t do their onboardings well. This impacts retention: 90% of new joiners will decide within the first 6 months whether to commit to their new organization long term. This attrition, in turn, can cost an organization £30,000the average cost of replacing someone.

For our second of five Inductions hacks, here are 3 tips for using journey thinking to shape your induction.

Spoilers are, for many, the new ‘four letter word’. We know of more than one relationship that’s broken down because one party gave away the ending. However, while many people may say they hate spoilers, scientific research has found that we actually enjoy an experience and find it more satisfying—be it a book or a movies, etc.— if we know the ending and the twists along the way.

Why? Because people, on average, prefer predictability and knowing. When we are able to see things coming, it allows us time to prepare for them, eliminating uncertainty and anxiety. As a result, we can be present in the moment, and not have to worry about what is to come.

After a year like the last one, we could all use a bit more predictability and certainty.

What does this mean for your induction?

As individuals and organisations continue to navigate their way through and out of Covid over the next year, successful, high impact inductions should provide this predictability and certainty to new joiners.

Put differently, they should be full of spoilers. Give new joiners visibility into what their first day, first week, first 90 days and, importantly, the rest of their time or career with you might look like. Help new joiners visualise what it means for them if they stay.

This is our second tip for creating an induction that matters: Think in Journeys

1. Define the journey you are about to take them on.

Let your new joiner know what to expect. What type of journey are they on? Is it a journey for business growth, career growth, or maybe personal growth? In essence, you want to help them visualise what it means for their careers if they stay.

2. Explain HOW you will take them on the journey

Give them a travel guide. Show them what is coming. Make it clear how you will support them throughout their onboarding, and the impact this journey will have on them.

3. Every journey has breaks

There are things you should plan such as touch points, trainings, social events, but it is also important to leave breaks in the journey. This allows the new joiner the opportunity to make their journey unique to them and affords them time to ground themselves in what’s best for them and their learning style. In short, they choose how they get from point A to point B, be it walking, running, or scooting.

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