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Internships: Building for the Future

increase in intern hiring between 2021 and 2022
of interns are hired by the company they interned with
of Gen Z believe learning is essential for career development

Is your internship programme ready to develop your future pipeline?

2023 has brought with it economic uncertainty, hybrid anxiety, and changing expectations of employers from those entering the world of work. This means that bringing interns together, helping them enter the workplace, and ensuring they flourish is not without its challenges.

Building workplace skills. Fostering inclusivity, diversity, equity, and belonging. Creating connection in virtual and hybrid. And, crucially, converting interns into future applicants at a time where competition for talent is fiercer than ever.

Is it possible to design an internship programme that meets the needs of your organisation and your future talent?

Our Internships Toolkit Includes:

  • Reimagine your approach to internships

    Three crucial elements of high-impact internship design: accelerating speed-to-value for early talent, designing immersive learning experiences, and embedding diversity and inclusion in your programme planning.

  • How to initiate change

    Tried-and-tested internship solutions that boost retention rates and help interns flourish, including soft skill development, self-led learning, and fostering wellbeing. 

  • Accelerated internships in practice

    Supporting case studies from our internship programme partnerships with pioneering global brands, including lululemon.


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About the authors

Khairunnisa Mohamedali

An award-winning innovator, Khairunnisa has a unique take on organisational culture, innovation and human-centred design. Khairunnisa is The Smarty Train’s Chief Innovation Officer and works cross-sector.


Saj Jetha

An economist, author and founder of The Smarty Train, Saj is adept in finding resolutions for issues to do with recruitment, talent and development. His book, The Smarts (Penguin, 2019), was endorsed by Harvard’s Heidi Gardner and is a best-seller.


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