February 24, 2022

March Trends to Watch

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By Maryam Mohamedali
Looking for inspiration, trends, and rumblings that could impact our industry?


In 2022, activism and the “activist generation” have been growing into a macro-trend – that is, a persistent shift at a global level. This month’s trends revolve around this shared theme of activism, and explore how the workplace might be prepared for this.

Here are your March trends to watch:


1) Cross-Generational Dialogue

From intra to inter.

We’ve seen a rise in the number of articles around intergenerational communication in the workplace. One of the messages coming out of these conversations is the growing acknowledgement that all generations have a lot to learn from each other. For example, to promote a future of inter-generational dialogue, marketers are creating content to encourage older audiences to learn from their young counterparts.


2) Curator Generation

From creating to curating.

As young people navigate an age of information overload, some are beginning to revolt against the relentless creation of content, and choosing to curate it instead. Parallel to this is the realisation of the power gen Z as aesthetic connoisseurs. We’re seeing a rise in the number of platforms allowing people to curate content (i.e., re-organise ideas that already exist on the internet in unique ways) rather than create it.

What can the curator generation tell about Diversity & Inclusion, Belonging, Wellbeing and other topics?


3) Youth Awakening

From ravaging to reckoning.

Having featured in our December 2021 trends segment, we’re spotlighting this trend once again to round off this month’s Activist theme.

Confronted by life-limiting, global issues such as the climate crisis, young people continue to turned their anxieties into action, speaking out on matters of concern including the climate crisis, racisms and inclusion. Think Greta Thunberg, Naomi Wadler, Malala Yousafzai.

They’re also taking ownership over conjuring the kind of world they want to live in. They’re taking entrepreneurial and digital-led mindsets, securing themselves financially  and being loud activists.


 These trends are being driven by…
  • Shifting demographics: For the first time, children of colour comprise more than half of the total US youth population. It’s become clear that the global population is evolving. We’re passing on our habits, mindsets and social values to the most diverse generation in history, and some are being accepted, while others are being questioned and rejected in favour of the global good.
  • Digital Soapbox: There’s a growing number of accessible platforms that are supporting people in sharing their opinions, ideas, creations and visions of a better future.

One thing you can do to be ready for this:

Create opportunities for facilitated, multi-generational interaction in the workplace.

This could be anything from a training session wherein multi-generational groups workshop a solution to a problem, to informal gatherings where ideas are shared on a particular topic.

Aim to get people to see something from different and new perspectives.

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