Sticky Learning Masterclass

45 mins

Presented by

Dr Khairunnisa Mohamedali

Chief Innovation Officer, The Smarty Train

Georgia Greer

Head of Insights, Institute of Student Employers

The science behind impactful learning.

Drawing on behavioural science, futurist trends, and award-winning best practice, join workplace expert Dr Khairunnisa Mohamedali as she shares essential elements to creating high-impact learning content that truly resonates with your learners.

You'll discover tried-and-tested frameworks to make your learning appealing and memorable regardless of content or audience, supported by award-winning case studies of where these design tips have been put into practice by pioneering global L&D teams.

Watch this masterclass to learn:

  • Make it Theirs: How to build ownership and accountability for your learners by embedding choice into your learning design.
  • Make it Short: Understand how our brains process information, and how to leverage this into short, sharp learning that sticks.
  • Make it Visual: How to elevate your learning content by using different platforms, modes and formats, to refresh your offering without reinventing the wheel.

Further reading:

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