Creative Motion Designer
David was one of the finalists in a writing competition and got his short story published as a result. As it is in Swedish, no one at the office would understand much of it, but his name is indeed next to the title of the short story!

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, David has collected a wide array of tools to add to his designer toolbox. With this toolbox David tries to make this spinning rock a visually more beautiful place, project by project!

His designer journey started like every designer’s: with some rough doodles in his notebooks during class. With a bigger interest for these doodles than any other subject in school, David decided to make this his career and started studying Graphic Design in Stockholm, to later transfer over to a university in London from which he graduated with a First Class Bachelor’s degree. After university, David joined an agency where he helped spearhead campaigns for clients by bringing creative concepts to life on Motion Design projects.

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