Marketing Coordinator
In true Bridget Jones style, Eleanor famously fell face first from a moving ski lift (she was okay, but she did take a break from skiing for a while).

Eleanor brings her vibrant energy and passion for connecting with people to her role as Marketing Coordinator at The Smarty Train. With a background as a Marketing Executive at a leading digital agency in Toronto, Canada, Eleanor is no stranger to the fast-paced world of marketing. Her experience navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape has equipped her with a keen eye for innovative strategies that captivate audiences.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Eleanor is a dedicated people person who thrives on meaningful conversations over a cup of tea or a casual pint at the local pub. Having lived in Montreal, Canada for the past five years, she is a huge fan of all things Canadian (including poutine!).

In her free time, Eleanor can often be found exploring new neighbourhoods, immersing herself in the arts, or simply getting lost in a good book. Her adventurous spirit extends to her love for travel, where she seeks out new adventures and explores new places.

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