Head of Business Development
Jo Kimber
Having played polo, horseball and competed in dressage and showjumping at university, Jo is courageous on horseback. However, she’s fearful of walking down steep slopes and stairs. Leg up, anyone?

Jo, pronounced /o:/ rather than /əʊ/, due to her Yorkshire accent, is our Client Ambassador, articulating The Smarty Train’s proposition to clients in a compelling and authentic way.

She scored one of the top five marks in English Literature out of 379,017 candidates for her GCSE examination and has been in love with the written word ever since. A self confessed logophile, Jo is a published poet and has written essays on Dickens and Atwood.

Her career began in coaching and leadership development where she discovered her passion for listening actively to clients’ challenges and becoming fascinated with how these can be resolved by empowering and enabling a different way of thinking. Her time at Havas and Symphony Talent refined her skills in Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing, making Jo a truly client focused, commercial and experienced Smarty who delivers with gravitas and gregariousness.

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