Senior Delivery Manager
Josh loves anything to do with transport and travel including the London Underground. He loves the tube so much that he has memorised every line and station name by using quirky stories. The next challenge is to fill in a blank map in under 20 minutes!

As Senior Delivery Manager, Josh brings his passion for theatre to the world of TST. At the age of 6, Josh moved to Uganda and spent most of his school years in Kampala. As well as playing lots of volleyball and football, he developed a love of all things theatre. Whether it be acting, producing or operating lights, Josh enjoyed the challenges of making something great out of nothing.

Josh studied Drama and Theatre at undergraduate level and then completed an MA in Creative Producing, both at the University of Kent. Whilst there, Josh worked on a number of projects including creating an immersive show performed in an old Canterbury prison using testimonies from ex-convicts.

Before joining The Smarty Train, Josh worked for a company that delivered seminars in schools for students between the ages of 11-18. The seminars were high impact study skill workshops that presented research on how and why top students get top grades.

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