Senior Design Manager
Sam is officially part of an East African tribe from his charity work in Kenya.

Sam is an accomplished Design Manager with a passion for transforming ideas into meaningful experiences. With over 8 years of learning design expertise, he specialises in design thinking, organisational development, and leadership training. 

Sam brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic vision to every project he undertakes. Armed with a Bachelors in English and a passion for crafting compelling narratives, he combines his linguistic experience with his design expertise to create impactful learning experiences. 

Not stopping there, Sam is a Strategic Intervention Coach and has successfully consulted across diverse sectors, helping organisations achieve their goals through innovative design solutions. With a background in filmmaking, Sam’s creative passion extends beyond the digital realm. He has produced captivating live action, motion graphics, and blended video content for numerous clients, showcasing his commitment to excellence. 

Outside of work, Sam’s wanderlust fuels his adventurous spirit. He feeds his insatiable desire for exploration by travelling to as many places as possible, documenting his journeys through captivating vlogs on his travel page. Sam Gauci is an individual who combines his love of design, coaching, and storytelling to create new and innovative experiences for clients. 

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