70% of to-do list tasks are never addressed.

There are two ways to increase your output – put in more hours, or work smarter. Top managers are looking for employees who can increase their productivity and encourage others to do the same.

70% of to-do tasks are never addressed and fall into that black pit, forever to be ignored. In our modern time-pressured work places, it is vital that you and your team implement efficient methods to achieve more, using less time and effort.

We will empower you to take a smarter approach to your personal processes, enabling you to achieve more every single day.


  1. Systems Thinking – Process leads to progress. Learn how to think in systems, contextualizing the decisions you face to turn into actions.
  2. Unconscious Biases – Make your subconscious, conscious. Discover how intuitive judgements shape our perspectives, learning tangible ways to eliminate biases from our decision-making processes
  3. Physical influence – Our bodies are decision making machines. Explore the physical  forces that drive decision making; unlocking the power of science to maximize our day-to-day efficiency.

Immersive 90-180 minute trainer-led experience for up to 20 people

Accelerated, learning with an activities-packed, Multi-sensory, scientific design

All our sessions are lovingly prepared and served using
the following quality ingredients:

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