Do you remember your first day at work? How did it make you feel about the company you were joining? What were your initial thoughts? First impressions really do count. With this in mind, we’ve provided you with ten ideas on how you can approach your induction.

  1. Show you care

How you welcome new joiners to your company is vital in influencing how long they stay with you.  New recruits need to feel welcomed and wanted, but they also need to feel valued, especially if it’s their first job after university. Personalising their introductory experience and celebrating their arrival during induction can help make new joiners feel important. There’s value in feeling valued.

  1. Do what you say

Sounds simple huh? But it’s amazing how many companies don’t. You know those promises you made to your new joiners before they joined? International opportunities, world class training, career development from day one. All great promises, so try to keep them. Broken promises in the early stages can leave your new recruits disillusioned, and can cast a shadow over their future with your organisation. Try to consider how your showing your new people that you plan to keep your promises to them. They’ll appreciate it.

  1. Tell them the dos and don’ts

It’s not just about what you do do, it’s also about what you don’t do, which is different from what you could do, and another thing entirely from what you might do. Finding that sentence difficult to understand? Why complicate things? The first day on the job is overwhelming enough as it is. Your new employees need to become familiar with the essential aspects of your company’s culture, values and procedures, so that they understand how your company operates from the moment they arrive. But does this mean that it has to be complicated? Keeping things simple increases the rate of employee understanding. And informed employees make for better employees.

  1. Humanise Things

There’s a difference between humans and aliens. Obvious maybe, but it’s important to know the differences. When dealing with humans (which we imagine you do for most of the time) it’s crucial not to alienate, but to humanise. New concepts can appear easier to digest if delivered in a way that makes them intuitive and relatable. For example, the levels of an organisation hierarchy, acronyms and company jargon may be completely understandable to you, but for your new people, it can sound like an alien language. So humanise your induction and talk to your new joiners in a language they understand.

  1. Challenge, direct, develop

Jessie J was right. It’s not about the money. Well, it’s not just about the money. It’s also about developing skills. People want career development which you can kick start from the first moment they arrive. Show the potential for growth by challenging from day one. Whether that’s setting a challenge within the first hour, ensuring a career plan is developed within the first week or providing individual career counsellors. Challenging, directing and developing your new joiners provides a drive to succeed. And you gain highly trained, dedicated and loyal professionals. Win-win.

  1. Train on the right things…

…And at the right time. Underneath the nerves, new joiners – especially graduates – are excited to get started and to contribute. Great training inspires confidence, is inclusive and of course, it gives your new joiners those essential skills that they need right at the start of their journey with you. Cleverly timed training during induction means you can make sure your news joiners have the right tools to begin their careers with you straight away.

  1. Connectedness to company

Values. Vision. Goals. How well do your new joiners really know your organisation? Enough to feel part of it? Although many will have been selected because they are likely to be a good fit with the organisation, it is still important to communicate your values, vision and strategic goals during induction. This will help new recruits understand how they fit into the bigger picture and allow them to feel connected to you. People like feeling connected.

  1. Think of your new people as clients

Let’s play a quick game: Imagine your best, longest serving or most valued client. The person, not the company. Consider how you communicate with them. Think about how you treat them. Now apply that thinking to your new recruits. Treating your new recruits in the same way as you treat your clients may just help to increase your retention rates. This might just mean that your new joiners stay with you for as long as your most valued client. Now wouldn’t that be cool?

  1. Happy people save you money

New recruits are expensive right? Wrong. New recruits are an investment. No one wants to lose people, but recently we read that almost a third of employees are in their jobs for less than 6 months before they start looking for another job. Doing everything you can to welcome and engage your new employees from day 1 is a way to safeguard your investment. What are you doing with your induction to try to get the kind of return you want?

  1. First impressions really do count

If a new joiner loves their induction, they will tell their friends and followers. All 500 of them, across all channels of online communication. Word now travels faster than ever before. Think about what you are doing to provide a first class induction experience. If you do the right things (and do things right), the chances are your new joiners will spread the word. And that’s powerful.

Inductions matter. The approach you take to delivering your induction can say a lot more about you than you think. What’s yours saying about you?

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