UK cinemas sell millions of tickets every month. And it’s not because of the over-priced popcorn. Big blockbusters trigger psychological reactions in our brain – so how can your Induction do that too?

Let us help you turn your Inductions into Productions: and maximise both engagement and ROI.

1. Create the right first impressions

Before you get in line to buy your popcorn, your expectations are already set. With the latest news in our pockets wherever we go, trailers are shared on social media and so we’re interested before we arrive. At only two minutes long, a trailer is the most important marketing opportunity for a film. It’s essentially a first impression before the audience are even in the door.  These pre-first impressions have a lot at stake, so the right questions have to be asked.

Induction may be Day One, but how about the lead up to that? What happens to your new joiners before Day One? What happens between the offer and Day One?

2. Ensure that the messages are conveyed in different ways

Once we’re out of the cinema, each individual has a different perspective of what they’ve seen because our brains process different kinds of information in different ways, sometimes alike and at other times radically different. Scientists conducted an experimented to test this using a sample who watched the same thirty minutes of a film while lying in an MRI scanner. They found that while there was a shared high-level understanding of the plot and attention was drawn to the same things, the brain behaved very differently when it came to more advanced processing. Our brains have different emotional and intellectual understanding, individual to the viewer.

If our brains process these finer details differently, Induction should reflect this. Using different styles, senses and values can ensure each new joiner leaves your Induction energised and with a full understanding of your organisation’s values, purpose and the competencies needed to make a positive impression from Day One.

By incorporating these two simple approaches, you can be the director of an Induction that sparks excitement and anticipation into your new joiners. This opportunity to connect your early talent with the business is priceless, because, just like the first time you saw your favourite movie, by keeping new joiners engaged before induction addresses the individual needs of each new joiner, thereby ensuring that your audience shares the memorable and exciting messages about your organisation.

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