Ever impulsively bought a pair of shoes that were just too tempting or that brand new tablet that you just couldn’t resist? Everyone has. But have you ever wondered what made you choose that particular brand out of the vast range of choices on offer? Possibly not. However understanding why you chose that particular pair of shoes or that particular tablet could help you attract those high-flying students on campus… Really. Like the thousands of brands on offer, on campus, students are surrounded by a host of companies, each clamouring for their attention, striving to be unique and offering an amazing range of benefits. Understanding the laws of attraction could just make you the company students “just couldn’t resist”.

  1. Understand your Audience

What do they want from you? What drives them and where would they wish to be in 5 years? Understanding the practical value of what you offer and how it will affect your audience can allow you to tailor your attraction strategies to individuals. How do your attraction strategies show your understanding of your student audience requirements?

  1. Utilise your Resources

People trust the views of their friends and family. Many base their decisions on which brands to buy, solely on what the people they trust recommend. Leveraging this can create interest in your company before you even set foot on campus. Your current employees and graduates have personal networks they can use to interest and attract students to your company. How do you create company engagement into the attraction process?

  1. Unlock Talent. Everywhere

Intrigued? That’s because like many catchy adverts such as the Coca Cola Christmas adverts, Nike Athletes advert we appealed to your Reticular Activating System. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for filtering information. Getting the attention of busy students who are often on route to a lecture, rushing off to meet friends or eager to get home can be made easier if you use attention grabbing, provocative or intriguing titles.

  1. Tony the Tiger, Labrador Puppies and Snap, Crackle and Pop

What do they have in common? Associations to well-known brands (Kelloggs, Andrex and Rice Crispies respectively). Creating easy associations between characters and companies can create and lead to an increased recognition of a brand and provide positive company perceptions within peoples’ minds. How do you use your campus attractions to create positive associations within your students’ minds?

  1. What do your audience care about?

Understanding what is important to your audience not only provides you with a wider range of attraction ideas but also shows your audience, that their interests are important to you. Showing you understand the causes students care about will help interest them in your company. How do you show your company’s interest in student causes and beliefs?

  1. Remember Adam and Jane?

The story-line of BT’s advert followed Adam’s relationship with Jane who had two adolescent children, culminating in 1.6 million people voting on whether or not Jane was pregnant. Stories attract and engage people, increasing awareness of a company’s brand as well as increasing product sales (BT’s infinity broadband product is now owned by over half a million customers since being promoted in the adverts). How could you use stories to engage and attract students to your company?

  1. Break the Mould

Did you know the Reticular Activating System is a part of your brain? It’s really cool and it helps you register surprise through external stimuli. People often anticipate how a scenario or sentence will end, based on previous experiences. Changing the ending can go against a person’s expectations, leading to greater recognition of a brand the next time it is seen. How are you using the power of anticipation and the element of surprise in your campus attractions?

  1. Remain Consistent

Even if we are attracted to a product or item, if the product experience doesn’t match up to our expectations, any future attraction we may have had for the product or brand will disappear. Like a disappointing product, if the interactions a student has with your company throughout the entire attraction and recruitment processes don’t meet with their expectations, they will be less likely to apply or accept an offer. How are you keeping the experience consistent throughout the attraction and recruitment processes?

  1. Know your Stuff

Can you answer questions on the day to day working life of the tech department of your company? Even when a product attracts people, if their questions on the product, insurance or features are not answered to their satisfaction or if necessary information isn’t provided, engagement and attraction to a product or brand can be reduced. How do you ensure your campus team are knowledgeable and aware of all aspects of your company?

  1. Create a buzz

Relying on word of mouth to spread positive opinions of your company’s activities can lead to increased interest, conversation and awareness of your brand before your attraction activities have even begun. But other methods such as keep warm strategies are also effective in building anticipation, excitement and awareness of your company’s arrival on campus. What else could you be doing to build student anticipation before you arrive on campus?

The attraction process can be complicated, but by using the Laws of Attraction, you can be the company that makes an impact on campus and become the company that students ultimately “just couldn’t resist”.

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