Think of an induction and what comes to mind? Endless presentations of your company’s strategy and vision, giving out copies of the employee handbook to read? A tour of the office, complete with a demonstration of the coffee machine and shredder?

Millennials expect to be inspired by onboarding programmes and, given that one third of new hires decide whether they are going to stay in a business within their first week [1], this is not something to be taken lightly. Creating memories that last, making learning fun and engaging senior staff to partake (in the right way!) are three key ingredients that will give your new joiners an induction they won’t forget. Need the rest of the ingredients? Give us a shout.

1. Make memories that matter

93% of our vivid life memories are from first time encounters, which explains why we remember more events from our late teens and early adulthood than from any other stage of our lives [2]. Our early twenties are made up of firsts: the first time we leave home, the first time we go to university, the first day of our first job. When you look back on your own first experiences, what comes to mind? Feelings of nervousness, excitement, eager anticipation? When designing your induction, think of yourself as chief memory builder. You are responsible for creating some of those all-important firsts for your new joiners, so consider how you can make an induction that sparks memories that will matter for years to come. Need inspiration? Ask us about our Smarty Bank of award winning ideas.

2. Fun is more than just fun; it’s learning

30% of millennials consider a social outing with colleagues as the most important part of an induction [3], but fun doesn’t just have to mean taking time out of the office. When we have fun at work, our ability to retain skills increases by 40% [4]. The first week of a new job is packed full of learning, seize this opportunity to bring fun to your induction to make the learning stickier. Gamification is a great way to mix up learning, as research shows that when we play games that we enjoy our bodies release dopamine [5]. Experiencing the happy hormone inspires us to want to keep having fun and learn more. Launching a competition or turning a training session into an interactive quiz are simple ways to gamify your induction that will make learning fun and stick.

3. Senior Stakeholders are the icing on the cake

If our brains process these finer details differently, Induction should reflect this. Using different styles, senses and values can ensure each new joiner leaves your Induction energised and with a full understanding of your organisation’s values, purpose and the competencies needed to make a positive impression from Day One.

By incorporating these two simple approaches, you can be the director of an Induction that sparks excitement and anticipation into your new joiners. This opportunity to connect your early talent with the business is priceless, because, just like the first time you saw your favourite movie, by keeping new joiners engaged before induction addresses the individual needs of each new joiner, thereby ensuring that your audience shares the memorable and exciting messages about your organisation.

So what? 

Taking responsibility for making first memories that matter, gamifying learning to make it fun and building in time from senior stakeholders will give millennials an inspirational induction. We’ve got even more tools to build that perfect first experience. Being a chief memory builder is an important role – do you have what you need to be one?

By Grace Fogarty

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