Multisensory Team Summit


Ernst and Young were ready to launch their new Learning Executive Operating Model globally following a 5-year journey to streamline, centralise and transform learning. The launch needed to bring together a new global team for the first time, with the objective of understanding the new model and their role within it.

“The Summit helped us articulate the purpose and function of each of our pillars, bringing clarity and precision to our model.”

Global Chief Learning Officer, Ernst and Young


TST used cutting-edge behavioural science to underpin key messaging and build immersive and multisensory experiences in a series of EY-branded 1950’s village amenities. In the village, each pillar and team member had a role. Together, the four pillars and One Team that sits behind these pillars build a community that works for the collective benefit of EY and its learners.


The event was attended by EY’s Global Vice Chair and received 100% “5 out of 5” scores from EY’s top global professionals. TST was subsequently engaged for the EY Global Talent Summit in Madrid the next year.

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