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Managing Directors (MDs) at FTI Consulting often come from technical backgrounds such as law and engineering, usually without executive experience in sales or business development.

As a result, new MDs are required to attend a mandatory matriculation training experience to support their transition into leaders, as they start to spend less time managing projects and executing work and increasingly more time managing relationships to bring in new business.

The Smarty Train (TST) was invited to reimagine the core business development component of FTI’s training into an immersive, unforgetting experience that would be delivered to FTI's MD hubs in Washington D.C. and London.

"Previous trainings I have had at other firms have been partners just speaking at the room.
This was very collaborative
and engaging."

- Managing Director Participant, FTI Consulting


The Smarty Train engaged MDs in an immersive live-action experience using a detective agency metaphor, transporting them away from their office environment into the midst of a diamond heist.

Competing in teams as rival detective agencies, MDs were tasked with uncovering the truth by tackling challenges, interacting with actors and experiencing multi-sensory moments with an emphasis on learning by doing.

Participants were encouraged to collaborate with other detectives from across departments within their agency. To successfully solve their cases, the MDs had to plan, communicate and execute their strategies for the investigation, enabling them to learn and practice business development techniques in an environment where it was safe to experiment and fail.


+ 30+ Executive Global Participants
+ 5 trained actors playing witnesses
+ 2 locations: London and Washington D.C.
+ 4.3/5 average session score

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