Live Global Strategy Event


Ocado Solutions had a bold vision. They wanted to change the future of the global retail landscape by transforming the UK grocer into a worldwide tec-solution provider with global impact.
Ocado hoped to strategically launch this vision to their global retail clients across 3 continents, in an original, thought-provoking and globally inclusive manner.


+ 200 Global Executive Participants
+ 7 Countries
+ 3 Continents
+ Broadcast in Spain, France, Canada, Sweden, the USA, and Australia.


Working in close partnership with Ocado stakeholders, including the CTO, CPO and CEO, we mapped out the diverse audience and designed an immersive, virtual and global event that was inclusive for all who would be attending.

Using storytelling, physical artefacts and multisensory inputs, we delivered 8 interactive sessions that brought Ocado’s vision to life in a real and tangible way for their key clients. Each session was transmitted live, in real-time from a London studio to eight locations around the world, including Spain, France, Canada, Sweden, the USA, and Australia.

The event launched big ideas and encouraged critical reflection to a global audience of Ocado’s key clients, each at different points in their own transformation journeys.


The event drove momentum behind Ocado’s forward-thinking initiative, developed client confidence in their OSP investment, and articulated Ocado's OSP2021 vision.

Following the event, 100% of the 200 global participants reported that they felt they could achieve more by collaborating with Ocado. As a result, TST were asked to return to facilitate the proceeding event, as well as develop a future design for an employee audience.

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