Formulating Development Strategy


With over half of their workforce reaching retirement age within the next 10-15 years, Royal Mail Group (RMG) recognised that there was an increasingly imminent need to plan for their future workforce. As a result, RMG sought to improve their ability to attract and retain top talent, specifically in the under-30 age bracket.

The Smarty Train (TST) were commissioned to provide strategic guidance on improving RMG’s under-30’s Early Careers experience by better articulating their Development Value Proposition, thereby equipping RMG with a clear direction towards building their future leaders.

"Creating a DVP with TST gave us exactly what we needed to drive a culture change project for the next generation of our graduates."

- Graduate & Talent Manager, RMG


Working closely with RMG stakeholders, TST conducted qualitative research targeting the development journey of key under-30s groups who were expected to drive the future leadership of RMG: Graduates, Apprentices, and Front-line Workers.

The main research objectives were to understand the current EC development experience across business areas, including challenges and opportunities, and to explore what the future of EC development could be at RMG to better attract and retain top talent.

Using mixed methods of research including 1:1 interviews, focus groups, and surveys, we met with stakeholders from across the business to truly understand the Early Careers experience and needs at RMG.


Following our research, TST produced an in-depth and extensive report with detailed observations and analysis for the target populations, along with a bespoke Development Value Proposition for each. In addition to the report, RMG were provided a clear approach for activating their new Development-led Early Careers promise, featuring both short-term and long-term recommendations for RMG to use to shape their future Early Careers strategy.

+ 1500+ Minutes of collaborative engagement .
+ 300+ Early Careers participants surveyed.
+ 40+ Senior stakeholders consulted from across the business.

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