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A Global Fashion brand with a dynamic and diverse workforce of more than 40,000 employees worldwide was launching and cascading an organisation-wide Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Their objective: make diversity and inclusion their differentiator in a competitive industry. The brief for TST was clear: design and deliver an inclusive leadership experience that would achieve three things. First, launch a comprehensive cascade. Second, create ownership for inclusion among the Executive Committee. And third, kickstart a longer journey of cultural change within the organisation.

60+ Bespoke printed materials
20+ Global Executive Participants
3 Key frameworks for change


Using TST’s patented 6-stage immersion process, we collaborated with the Fashion Brand to create a half-day immersive experience for 20 members of the Executive Committee and C-Suite Leadership. We started by understanding the existing D&I culture within the organisation by speaking with Executive Committee members as well as the CEO and Chairman. Our goal was to discover, from leaders’ perspectives, the challenges and opportunities in diversity and inclusion at the organisation. We gathered data from stakeholders at all levels of the business to dig deep into how diversity and inclusion were (and weren’t) experienced across various business areas.

We used this data, combined with up-to-date expert knowledge on building inclusive behaviours and mindsets among leaders, to shape the bespoke inclusion leadership experience. The experience had three design principles anchoring it; first: taking complex information and tools and making it easy to intake and put into practice for C-suite members with limited time and headspace. Second: using experience design principles in the session to keep the focus of a senior audience with many competing distractions and pressures. And third, designing the experience in a way that would connect with both head and heart, to ensure all members of the audience would experience the content in a way that resonated with them.


The end result was an immersive experience that took leaders through 4 experiential zones, each bringing to life a key theme in the content by challenging their perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion. One activity included the Impact Zone, where leaders were split into teams and asked to match potential solutions to problems, with the goal of thinking how to prevent problems before they even arise. All experiential activities were underpinned with bespoke creative materials, including over 60 custom printed items, 28 journal articles, 11 books, 13 concepts, 4 plinths, and 3 frameworks for change. Leaders left the experience better equipped to think about how they approach diversity and inclusion, and the learning content is soon to be cascaded throughout the entire global organisation.

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