Our Vision

To Unlock Talent. Everywhere.


To design & deliver transformative experiences at work using science, creativity & human-centricity


Here’s how
we do it...

Transformation happens in moments. The lightbulb moment. The a-ha moment. The sudden eureka moment. We specialise in crafting these transformative moments, so people can grow, develop, and learn meaningfully at work.

We use behavioural science and human-centred design. We collaborate and co-create to find solutions that fit you and your people’s needs. And we do it using our proven and award-winning 6-step process, MIDDDS®

We’ve finessed it through more than a decade working with everyone, from leading global employers to start-ups; early and emerging talent; new joiners and established leaders.

  • Mobilise

    Meticulously align people and resources

  • Immerse

    Understand the challenge from your people’s perspective

  • Diagnose

    Agree design and delivery constraints within which we are creative

  • Design

    Iterate to the perfect solution, together

  • Deliver

    Execute flawlessly, F2F or virtually

  • Sustain

    Equip you to keep the magic alive

We have an architecture behind everything we do. We call it RACER®
A proprietary concept of The Smarty Train

Group 6


Chime chime. This relates to me.


Did you grab it?


Build one. Encourage one. Maintain one.


Learn by doing.


Better than a mirror if done properly.

Our Story

Once upon a time...

The year is 2007.

On the streets of London, car radios are blasting ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna, smoking has been banned in pubs, and everyone – we mean everyone – is waiting with bated breath for the imminent release of the very first iPhone...

...At Saj Jetha’s kitchen table

The Smarty Train
is being founded.

Saj’s Vision...

...was to understand what it takes to unlock talent. Talent, learning and training, built scientifically and executed right, has the potential to create a whole new level of change, one that could span people, groups and organisations.

To Unlock Talent. Everywhere.

Is still our vision to this day, and a lot of what we’ve learned made its way into our bestselling book.

Growing our team of expert Smarties

to make learning sticky and transformative.

Paying attention to people and how they learn has informed everything we do.

As that team has grown and innovated with some of the world’s most well-known organisations (and less well-known), we have distilled our unique approach to experiential learning into the science of creating individual, transformative moments.

It’s an approach that’s been recognised
with awards.

For our work in people attraction, development, talent strategy and more. Our skillset now spans learning, communications, events, production, technology and consultancy. Put differently, we love transformations, transitions and transmissions.

14 years later and working
out of our HQ in London Bridge,

TST has unlocked talent for 2.5 million people and counting by building unforgettable moments

And we’re still just getting started. Our reach is global, and our ambitions are galactic. (When we say unlock talent everywhere, we mean it).

We’re still listening to Rihanna, we’re still waiting on the next iPhone, and we’re still obsessed with learning.

Because that’s the thing about learning, it never stops. So neither do we.

Read more about the work we’re proud of here

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