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How Spoilers Can Transform Your Induction

Humans enjoy an experience more if we know the ending and the twists along the way, according to scientific research. Read why is Covid making this more important than ever, and what this could mean for your induction design.

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The Impending Mass Exodus From Work

2 in 5 people are looking to leave their employer as the pandemic levels out, according to a global survey of 30K people. Why the spiking demand for changing employers post-pandemic? And what can organisations do to prevent it?

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Why Moments Matter in Your Induction

Moments make the difference between ‘that thing I did once’ and the experiences we never forget. Here are three science-backed tips to help you include powerful moments in your induction design.

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5 Tips to Design Inclusive Learning

Diversity & Inclusion training is surging, but training on its own isn’t enough. Here's how designing truly inclusive learning can help sustainably build a diverse and inclusive culture.

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Why You’re Bad at Knowing What You Need to Learn

Amongst an increasing need for new skills as a safety net during an unpredictable economic climate, why are humans so bad at anticipating what skills should know? And what can we do about it?

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Play Against Isolation

We all have more in common with space travellers, Antarctic-bunker-dwellers, and submarine passengers than we might think - why might these similarities mean we should spend more time getting lost in play?

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