Head of Client Experience
Colette swapped her Spanish for Portuguese last year, finally relocating to Northern Portugal with her Portuguese partner. She’s been working on her language skills ever since. Muito bem.

Colette (one L and two Ts), is fondly referred to in our team by a number of different names. The Queen of Calm; the Princess of Serene; the Duchess of Cool as a Cucumber. OK, so one of those might be a lie.

In addition to being a power-organiser and the personification of efficiency, Colette is also partial to a bit of sun worshipping, which we suspect may have come from spending a year in the Andalusian sun as part of her History with Spanish degree back at university. Muy bien!

Colette sits on the leadership team at TST, and looks after Client Experience – ensuring our creative solutions are making strategic impact and that our clients love partnering with us. Colette is involved in everything from strategic thinking for our clients, to ensuring our Solutions Team are a well-oiled machine to keep delivering pioneering work. She’s passionate about keeping people engaged every step of the way. When Colette first joined TST, she was in our Delivery Team, working on everything from senior engagement events in Amsterdam to global engagement events live-streamed out of London. Colette brings her cool head and strategic brain to every challenge.

Before TST , Colette’s life was all about engaging people – from external-facing university engagement events, to a Latin American theatre festival. She even spent time in mobile advertising, where she ‘got her geek on’ exploring the power of mobile in the early days of intelligent programmatic engagement. Colette’s our engagement guru who likes to take on a challenge – and in 2014 she started a new adventure when she joined The Smarty Train. Since then she’s been involved in many of our award-winning partnerships, and has enjoyed being part of, and leading, TST’s growth over the years.

Colette brings her can-do attitude to every challenge, so much so that when she moved house, we got her a key-ring with her unofficial motto… ‘there is always a way’. No, seriously, we did.

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