Senior Design Manager
Eileen has played laser tag with Michael Phelps, eaten doughnuts with Ian Thorpe, and been in a commercial with Rebecca Soni (all Olympic swimmers)

As Senior Design Manager, Eileen uses her enthusiasm for learning and love of collaboration to design memorable and impactful experiences for our clients.

Before joining TST, Eileen worked with various educational charities building and running workshops for educators and youth in the areas of leadership and life skills. She has worked with clients from all continents (minus Antarctica) and enjoys the cultural connections and shared learning that come from each interaction.

Eileen studied psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles while also swimming her days away as a member of their collegiate Swimming and Diving team. After working in retail for a number of years she fled her country to Brazil where her love of culture, language, and community learning inspired her to go to graduate school. After returning home to the USA she began her Masters in Sustainable Development with a focus on community education through experiential learning.

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