Head of Solutions
James once had a job where his team were regularly asked to taste beers or smell whisky before they went to market. Such was their passion for the subject, he sadly can’t remember many of the sessions!

James joins The Smarty Train with over 30 years’ experience running highly creative employee engagement programmes and developing global learning solutions. Having worked both client and agency side, and across multiple sectors including Pharma, Finance, Energy and Retail he brings different insights and perspectives to his clients’ challenges. He thoroughly enjoys helping them create effective solutions that will help them to accelerate progress.

His work has often involved helping clients to establish their strategy, values and cultures and has used experiential training as a method of change management to engage their leadership at all levels. This includes developing leadership skills, strategic ownership and accountability.

He started his career in the military before becoming a brands marketer in the beer and whisky industry; however, it was his move into experiential training that honed his passion for developing people, specifically in their early careers.

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